“I have started Rebecca’s Business BootCamp program in January 2016. The program is concise yet packed with relevant information. It helped me put pieces of knowledge how to run a business together. The programs is focused on learning, not just on teaching – be ready to do homework that is designed to help skills taught in class to sink in, while producing materials you will actually use to run your business.
     Value of the program is unbelievable: for a fee of less than $400, Rebecca offers not just the training, but ability to ask her questions for the whole 6 months! Rebecca knows answers, and knows people around, so there is great value in these 6 months.
     Rebecca makes learning a very pleasant experience. It is less of being taught, more of learning.
     Thank you, Rebecca!”

Vitaly Khozyainov, Tahoma Devs

Business Consulting

​​"I took the Business BootCamp class from Northwest Business Training Center, and it was the single-most valuable thing I did for my business. Rebecca Villareal is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and working with her helped set up my business for success. In my four-week class, I learned how to speak effectively about my business, how to manage my books, how to stay organized, and essentially how to manage my business. I would be lost today if it weren’t for Rebecca and the Business BootCamp class, which was organized into manageable, understandable sections each week. Plus, the homework forced me to think about my business in different ways, and by the end, I had written my business plan without even realizing it. If you are thinking of starting a business or have just started one, take this class! You will be set up for success, just like I was."
— Andi Lucas, Hummingbird Marketing Services


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We want to help maximize your company's performance. Schedule a coaching session with our consultant so we can determine what your company needs.

Northwest Business Training Center (NWBTC) is dedicated to the cultivation and development of entrepreneurs. NWBTC was established to help entrepreneurs prepare to become successful business owners by providing practical tools designed to focus on the basic business education. 




The Northwest Business Training Center provides live classes in Kitsap County and provides Distance Learning classes to all Washington State Counties. This allows entrepreneurs to get the training and resource 

information needed when unable to attend a scheduled class.