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Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs 
     The Northwest Business Training Center's (NWBTC) consulting services are designed to help you develop and grow a successful business. We have found that most business owners are experts in their field and industry yet lack the knowledge that they need to review and analyse their  financial position, decide whether to hire employees, seek financing, and many other business issues. Our professional consultants will walk you through putting together business plans, strategic marketing plans, and financial loan packages in the event you need to obtain outside financing. As you prepare to establish your business, we will provide general counseling that also include issues of personal budgeting, credit, and related issues.

     Call the Northwest Business Training Center at (206) 930-5323 to set up a business counseling session with Rebecca Villareal, our business consultant, and let us help you start your business or move your established business to the next step in growth. Our hourly rate is $100 per hour with the first half hour free. Together we can decide in which direction you need to move forward.

Business Consulting and Technical Assistance for Entrepreneurs 
       Our consulting and technical assistance services are designed to help you develop a successful business. Professional business consultants are available to meet with you outside of the training period to discuss your individual business questions.  As you move forward through the program preparing to establish your business, we will provide general business consulting that includes not only how to be successful professionally, but also issues of personal budgeting, credit, and business related issues. This service is provided at no additional cost to you while you are enrolled in the class and for five months following the workshop.
Business BootCamp™ Program 
 An entrepreneurial opportunity in learning 
     Our 4-week Business BootCamp™ training program is designed to teach you how to start, develop, market, finance, and manage your business while avoiding common mistakes. You will learn from experienced professionals who have started, owned and managed businesses, and that are skilled in the key areas of finance, business lending, operations, and marketing. This ensures that you receive practical instruction that is relevant and immediately applicable in the real world.

 Business BootCamp™ Class Series
     The program core consists of four workshops meeting once a week for 2 1/2 hours each session. Business Consulting and Techncal Assistance services are included in this program. We include this as we understand that as you build your business, you may need additional assistance and may wish to meet with your instructor/consultant individually outside of class. These services are offered at no additional fee for a full 6 months from the start of class. 
Financial Education Series 
 Understanding Your Business Financial Situation 
     Our Financial Education Series training program provides you with the basics of record keeping and bookkeeping. These are the first steps you need to take before you can begin to create financial statements and analyze your financial situation.

     "I attended Rebecca Villareal’s Business Boot Camp in the spring of 2011. At the time of attending it, I already had three separate businesses up and running, none of which were exactly soaring. Since her class, my landscaping business has grown by one third and we’ve hired 3 new people. The artist I represent is now in 2 new galleries where she was in none and has made several sales and gotten into several shows.
     "There was no miracle bit of knowledge she bestowed upon me but gave me the understanding on how things work as well as the focus to know where to spend my time to be most effective. I also began to think much more outside the box in promoting my businesses. One other major jewel I took from her class was a clear distinction between personal and business time. I work mostly from home and struggled greatly with distractions from friends and family. They are now very clear when I’m at work and when I’m “home.
     "I would highly recommend this course to anyone just starting out or who has been around for a while to get a great foundation or learn the little things you may never have known. The greatest martial arts masters always return to the basics in order to truly master the most complex styles."
Joe BlackDreamscope LLC

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