Northwest Business Training Center

Business BootCamp - Distance Learning

Recommended for those that are unable to attend a live class.

Once you have registered and paid for the Business BootCamp™-Distance Learning course (see Business BootCamp page for class outline), you will be emailed the course material and homework. There are 4 class Business BootCamp™ sessions and each will be sent to you individually. It is expected that the student will complete the material within 2 weeks for each session for a total of 6 weeks for the full course. Most people complete the course in approximately 2 months. Business consulting is also available for the full six months via emails or phone calls. (Ideally, phone calls should be scheduled ahead of time.)

Weekly or bi-weekly check-in:

Optional: Instructor is available to discuss and review class material with student
Optional: Homework can be emailed to instructor (personal information such as your personal budget and credit reports should not be to shared with instructor unless student wishes to discuss it)
Review of homework via telephone or email

Once the Business BootCamp™ course has been completed (at the end of the 6-month period) and good progress on the business plan has been made, a certificate will be mailed.

You also have the option of continuing (extending) the program for an additional 6 months. Speak to your instructor for details.

Consulting and assistance is available for the full 6 months with a maximum of 8 hours. This can be handled by phone, email, and/or live one-on-one meetings.